Clinical Hypnotherapy

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What is hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is type of psychotherapy in which a deep relaxed & focused state of mind is induced by the hypnotherapist. This state is called Trance. The state of trance is used for diagnosis and / or treatment of psychoemotional complaints. It can also be used for better mental health, better control over mind and better mental functioning. It is a powerful technique which can enable one to think, feel and act better. Hypnotherapy is a strong technique as it uses the enormous power of mind.

How hypnotherapy works

Human mind has enormous potential most of which remain untapped. Mind is like an iceberg, 90% of which remain hidden. The 10% visible part is the conscious mind which helps in perceiving environment, short term memory and thinking. The remaining 90% is the subconscious mind which is responsible for long term memory, learning, emotions, habitual patterns, learned behavior etc. Subconscious mind stores memories and associated emotions. This helps mind in ‘learning’ how to feel and behave in a particular situation. It even influences conscious mind. Our past learning and memory affects our present thinking and behavior.

Positive mental health, mental calmness, confidence, correct thinking, positive habits, emotions & behavior all this depends on how well this subconscious mind is organized. The better this subconscious mind is organized, better is its growth with age with minimum or no conflicts. But in case of some disorganization due to poor learning or some traumatic incidents, the conflicts because of this results in deficient mental functioning or undesirable behavior. This is where hypnotherapy comes to help. It helps in better reorganization of subconscious minds thereby eliminating conflicts, past traumas and negative learned patterns. It separates unhealthy emotions & behavior from past memory and replace with healthy emotions & behavior. The outcome is positive thinking, healthy emotions and desirable behavior.

Is hypnotherapy scientific

Hypnotherapy has been proved to be scientific. There has been extensive research and its results are seen to be significantly positive. It has been accepted and recommended by world’s most reputed healthcare organizations like American Medical Association, American Psychological Association, National Institute of Health, USA. Research studies have been shown to have positive effect on human mind and body. Some of the positive changes observed are brain imaging changes, physiological changes, immunological changes, EEG changes, Neurotransmitter changes etc.

Types of hypnotherapy:

The basic working of hypnotherapy is same but over the years many types of hypnotherapy have become popular among psychotherapists around the world. Different types of hypnotherapy are based on different techniques of psychotherapy. Some are more focused on analysis of subconscious mind while others are more focused on its reorganization. Some are :

  • Traditional Hypnotherapy
  • Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
  • Hypno analysis
  • Cognitive behavior Hypnotherapy
  • Time regression Hypnotherapy

This can power you to :

  • Achieve better personality
  • Reduce anger and anxiety
  • Get better performance better results and success
  • Learn various skills
  • Remove phobias and bad habits
  • Improve relationships and much more
  • Develop & express awareness and intuition.
  • Feel worthwhile, self-confident, and zestful.
  • Gain a happier home life, become a better husband, wife, parent, or friend.
  • Acquire the ability to relax completely in any situation.
  • Make better decisions.
  • Improve concentrations.
  • Overcome procrastination.
  • Reduce conflict and stress.
  • Promote health & well-being.
  • Increase your income.
  • Increase the quality of your emotional expression.
  • Regain your natural ability to sleep easily
  • Sell yourself, your ideas, and your services with confidence & enthusiasm.
  • Attract and maintain worthwhile friendships.
  • Discover your negative mental patterns and how they affect you.
  • Free yourself from hostility, resentment, fear of rejection.
  • Select your goals in life; chart your course for their realization.
  • Program your mind with positive mental concepts and success attitudes.
  • Develop the ability to construct mental images easily.

To find cures and reliefs

  • Solutions to issues like finding a JOB, WIFE/HUSBAND, Conflict Situations
  • Find Love
  • Relationships
  • Joy
  • Wealth Creation
  • Creating Good Luck
  • Change Shortcomings
  • Remove Addictions
  • Weight Management
  • Endocrine Balancing
  • Anger management
  • Past Life Regression Therapy
  • Rewiring of Individual Behavior Patterns
  • Passive Aggressive Behaviour
  • Disruptive Anger Syndrome
  • Mood Swings
  • Depressive Disorders

For Children

  • Bedwetting Issues
  • Memory & study Enhancement
  • Shyness
  • Low Performance
  • ADHD
  • Stammering
  • Communication Issues
  • Disruptive Anger Syndrome

The Average Success Rate for…

Psychoanalysis was 38% after 600 sessions.
Behavior Therapy was 72% after 22 sessions.
Hypnotherapy was 93% after only 6 sessions!