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August 2, 2017
Past Life Regression
What Is Past Life Regression?
November 15, 2017

Regaining The Confidence

Hi friends, this Mr Samir Gupte once again. Today I revealed the story of a fifty five years old person.
This person was a government employee and was in depression. Visited me with his wife, the person was in pathetic condition, he was in depression since last seventeen years and could not able to work properly since then. At the age of fifty the government asked him to opt for the voluntary retirement as he could not able to do any work. His wife was taking every decisions on behalf of him, and she accepted the proposal and the person is at home only since then. What I observed was the wife is dominating and not only taking all decisions but even in my clinic not allowing him to speak. I asked her to sit out and interacted with the person, where he didn’t said much. Then I asked his wife to get in and asked the person to sit out and interacted.
The wife was dominant and every time pointing towards her husband for the wrong did, looking that, their daughter also followed the same footsteps. The person was blessed with a daughter and a son. Son got married recently and settled in their native with owned business which is flourishing. The daughter had filed a divorce case and that leads to further deepened the depression of our man.
I had to counsel wife, said her, because of her dominating nature and habit of pointing towards her husband in every now and then, the family members also stepping in the same, resulting into the person lost his confidence level. He started thinking Good for nothing for him self and that had reflected in every action of him, including the job. The unsuccessful married life of the daughter added fuel to the fire and the person slipped into the depression.
I started working on the person but the wife’s habit needed to be changed first. The wife told me as single handedly she is doing everything , even at times she also felt the pressure and felt like reliving it, but unable to do so as no body is there to talk. I asked her to jot it down on the piece of paper and burnt that paper and see it burning, she will felt relieved, which started immediately and experienced the relief. I asked her to stop taunting her husband and she had to see that the family members also respects him. I asked her not to discuss the problems in his presence but to discuss positive things. And even if the problem, act in front of him as the minor one and the solution could easily be found out. Fortunately the engineered daughter got job in an IT company and become busy in that. Empty mind is devils’ place and on top of the failed marriage made her also disturbed, which was again added in to the negative atmosphere of the home. She got busy in her schedule, not only made her financially independent but a work to her brain and the change of the atmosphere to her as well as the family members.
I started working on the person with my Hypnotherapy sessions and I removed all negativity from his mind from the Subconscious level. Filled it with the positivity. Had six sessions with him and gave my audio clip to listen.
I always give customized audio clip to all my patients, which they have to listen at the time of going to the bed. The clip is of thirty minutes and I take the person to the Trance, give positive suggestions to the Subconscious mind of the person and finally I give the sleep instructions. The person sleeps with those positive thoughts through out the night and morning gets up with those thoughts only. I asked my patients to listen it for three months and down the line three months the person programmed accordingly.
This man of ours is very happy now and in constant touch with me. In fact the daughter also opted the treatment from me for her above mentioned problems. I will revealed that in some other time.
For any kind of such assistance kindly ping me on my cell 7030912199.
You can visit my FB page Samir Gupte the Hypnotherapist.

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